Tableau Viz Reference

The programming interface for Tableau Viz consists of a method call in the Dashboard Extensions API called createVizImageAsync. The createVizImageAsync method returns an SVG image. The method takes a single argument, a JavaScript object (the inputSpec). The inputSpec describes the viz that you want to create and includes the data, or a reference to the data, and the information about how you want that data displayed.

The following sections describe the components and syntax of the inputSpec for Tableau Viz v1 and Tableau Viz v2. Tableau Viz v2 of the inputSpec adds support for combination charts, multiple panes, and dual-axis visualitations.

For Tableau 2021.3 and later and the Tableau Dashboard Extensions API v1.6 (and later)

For Tableau 2022.3 (and later) and the Tableau Dashboard Extensions API v1.9 (and later)

For information about how to add a Tableau Viz, see Add Tableau Viz to your Dashboard Extensions.