WDC Versions

Important: Tableau Web Data Connector 2.0 (this version) is being deprecated at Tableau 2023.1 and eventually retired. We will still support WDC 2.0 until its last compatible version of Tableau (Tableau 2022.4) goes End of Life and is no longer supported.

For information about Tableau Web Data Connector 3.0, see the WDC 3.0 documentation.

Every web data connector must include a reference to the Tableau WDC library. You can get the latest version of the WDC here:


There is also a minified version available:


The above URLs are the recommended ways of linking to the Tableau WDC and guarantee that you receive patch versions for the current minor version as we release them. If you prefer to opt out of receiving automatic patch versions, you can link directly to a specific patch version, for example:


Compatibility with versions of Tableau

The following table displays which versions of the WDC are compatible with Tableau Desktop:

WDC version Tableau version
tableauwdc-2.4.0 2021.1.2 or later
tableauwdc-2.3.0 10.4 or later
tableauwdc-2.2.0 10.2 or later
tableauwdc-2.1.0 10.1 or later
tableauwdc-2.0.2 10.0 and later
tableauwdc-2.0.0 10.0 through 2019.2
tableauwdc-1.1.1 9.3 through 2019.2
9.2.4 through 2019.2
9.1.6 through 2019.2
tableauwdc-1.1.0 9.2.0 through 9.2.3
9.1.0 through 9.1.5

In Tableau Desktop, if you try to open a connector that uses an incompatible version of the WDC, you might see an error like the following:

The version of Tableau that you are using cannot use the web data connector that you are trying to access.
The connector requires at least version 'x.x' of the web data connector API.
Note: This site is for version 2 of the WDC, and is only be compatible with Tableau 10.0 and later. Version 1 of the WDC is no longer supported.

If you are a developer, see Upgrading from WDC Version 1.x for information about migrating your WDC to version 2.