Common Errors

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Keywords for Relevant Log Lines.

You can search for relevant logs by searching the logs connector-plugin, connector-plugin-warning, and connector-plugin-error, or by searching directly for your connector class. Tableau Log Viewer is a good tool to view and filter relevant logs when developing your connector.

Connector Doesn’t Show in Connector List

If your connector does not show up, please check the Tableau logs for any failures for your connector in /Users/<username>/Documents/My Tableau Repository/Logs/log.txt. Tableau logs all the file paths for the tacos attempted to load under the keyword connector-plugin, and you can search for your connector class or your taco’s file name to jump to it directly to that part. If you don’t see any log lines for your connector, please check it in the correct place. Follow the section Use a connector built with Tableau Connector SDK in this doc to check where the taco should be placed.

Plugin Script Faliure

If you get

Signature Verification Failed

If you are getting Package signature verification failed during connection creation. in the logs for your connector, you can still use your connector by disabling the signature verification during development by using:

To fix the issue with signature verification follow the Sign your packaged connector with jarsigner section of Package and Sign Your Connector for Distribution.