LogShark Plugins and Generated Workbooks

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LogShark Plugins Syntax

The following table shows the list of available LogShark plugins and the names of the workbooks that the plugin generates. You can preview workbooks before running LogShark by navigating to the folder <LogShark_install_location>\Workbooks and opening up the workbooks in Tableau.

To run a specific plugin, specify the name of the plugin with the LogShark --plugins option. To specify more than one plugin, list them separated by a semicolon, no spaces, and enclose the list in quotation marks (“ “).


LogShark LogSetLocation RunId

LogShark LogSetLocation RunId --plugins plugin

LogShark LogSetLocation RunId --plugins "plugin1 plugin2 plugin3..."


     LogShark logs.zip --plugins Apache
     LogShark logs.zip --plugins "Apache;VizqlServer"


Plugin name Workbook Description
Art Art.twbx Analyze VizQLServer Activity Resource Tracing information for performance details of view loads. Similar to ServerTelemetry plugin.
Apache Apache.twbx Collect and analyze workbook statistics on Tableau Server from the Apache (http) log files, including viz load times, view counts, errors, and warnings.  
Backgrounder Backgrounder.twbx Displays information about Tableau Server background tasks and jobs, such as subscriptions and extract refreshes. Data is taken from the backgrounder log files.
ClusterController ClusterController.twbx Displays information about Tableau Server Cluster Controller events and errors, taken from the clustercontroller and zookeeper log files. Also includes some information about disk performance.
Config Config.twbx Displays the Tableau Server topology and configuration settings from the log files.
Filestore Filestore.twbx Displays information about Tableau Server File Store events and errors.
Hyper Hyper.twbx Displays information about Hyper activity, including extract generation and extract query details.
Netstat Netstat.twbx Displays information about transport-layer port reservations taken from the Netstat output files in a Server logset. The ziplogs must have been taken with the –n argument in order to contain Netstat data.
Postgres Postgres.twbx Displays information about Tableau Server Repository events and errors, including application query details.
ResourceManager ResourceManager.twbx Shows information harvested from the Server Resource Manager log events. Workbook includes metrics on CPU utilization, memory utilization, and process recycling events.
SearchServer SearchServer.twbx Displays information about Tableau Server Search & Browser service, including search indexing events.
Tabadmin Tabadmin.twbx Displays Tableau Server admin (tabadmin) activities from the log files, including Tableau Server starts, stops, backup, and error history.
VizPortal Vizportal.twbx Displays information about Tableau Server Application Server events, such as authentication or API issues.
VizqlDesktop VizqlDesktop.twbx Collect and analyze events from Tableau Desktop vizql log files, including Vizql events, query activity, and errors.