We welcome contributions to this project!

Contribution can include, but are not limited to, any of the following:

Contributions must follow the guidelines outlined on the Tableau Organization page, though filing an issue or requesting a feature do not require the CLA.

Issues and Feature Requests

To submit an issue/bug report, or to request a feature, please submit a GitHub issue to the repo.

If you are submitting a bug report, please provide as much information as you can, including clear and concise repro steps, attaching any necessary files to assist in the repro. Be sure to scrub the files of any potentially sensitive information. Issues are public.

For a feature request, please try to describe the scenario you are trying to accomplish that requires the feature. This will help us understand the limitations that you are running into, and provide us with a use case to know if we’ve satisfied your request.

Label usage on Issues

The core team is responsible for assigning most labels to the issue. Labels are used for prioritizing the core team’s work, and use the following definitions for labels.

The following labels are only to be set or changed by the core team:

The following labels can be used by the issue creator or anyone in the community to help us prioritize enhancement and bug fixes that are causing pain from our users. The short of it is, purple tags are ones that anyone can add to an issue:

Fixes, Implementations, and Documentation

For all other things, please submit a PR that includes the fix, documentation, or new code that you are trying to contribute. More information on this can be found in our developer guide

If the feature is complex or has multiple solutions that could be equally appropriate approaches, it would be helpful to file an issue to discuss the design trade-offs of each solution before implementing, to allow us to collectively arrive at the best solution, which most likely exists in the middle somewhere.

Release process

We expect that everything merged into the development branch is ready to release on master. Releases can be made at any time - ideally it would be on a regular cadence but currently it is basically on request.