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hyperapi::ChunkIterator Class Referencefinal

Iterates over a hyperapi::Chunk in rows (hyperapi::Row). More...

#include <Result.hpp>

Public Types

using iterator_category = std::input_iterator_tag
using value_type = Row
using difference_type = std::ptrdiff_t
using pointer = const Row *
using reference = const Row &

Public Member Functions

 ChunkIterator (const Chunk &chunk, IteratorBeginTag) noexcept
 Constructs the begin-iterator.
 ChunkIterator (const Chunk &chunk, IteratorEndTag) noexcept
 Constructs the end-iterator.
reference operator* () const noexcept
 Returns a reference to the current value.
pointer operator-> () const noexcept
 Returns a pointer to the current value.
ChunkIteratoroperator++ () noexcept
 Advances the iterator.
ChunkIterator operator++ (int) noexcept
 Advances the iterator.

Detailed Description

Iterates over a hyperapi::Chunk in rows (hyperapi::Row).

Definition at line 267 of file Result.hpp.

Member Typedef Documentation

◆ difference_type

using hyperapi::ChunkIterator::difference_type = std::ptrdiff_t

Definition at line 271 of file Result.hpp.

◆ iterator_category

using hyperapi::ChunkIterator::iterator_category = std::input_iterator_tag

Definition at line 269 of file Result.hpp.

◆ pointer

Definition at line 272 of file Result.hpp.

◆ reference

Definition at line 273 of file Result.hpp.

◆ value_type

Definition at line 270 of file Result.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ChunkIterator() [1/2]

hyperapi::ChunkIterator::ChunkIterator ( const Chunk chunk,

Constructs the begin-iterator.

Definition at line 276 of file Result.hpp.

◆ ChunkIterator() [2/2]

hyperapi::ChunkIterator::ChunkIterator ( const Chunk chunk,

Constructs the end-iterator.

Definition at line 281 of file Result.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

◆ operator->()

pointer hyperapi::ChunkIterator::operator-> ( ) const

Returns a pointer to the current value.

Definition at line 289 of file Result.hpp.

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