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Data Types

Hyper has a rich set of native data types available to users.

The table below shows all the built-in general-purpose data types. Most of the alternative names listed in the "Aliases" column are the names supported by Hyper for compatibility reasons with Postgres.

BIGINTINT8signed eight-byte integer
BOOLEANBOOLBoolean value with ternary logic (true/false/unknown)
BYTESbinary data ("byte array")
CHARACTER [ (n) ]CHAR [ (n) ]fixed-length character string
CHARACTER VARYING (n)VARCHAR (n)variable-length character string with limit
DATEcalendar date (year, month, day)
DOUBLE PRECISIONFLOAT8double precision floating-point number (8 bytes)
INTEGERINT, INT4signed four-byte integer
INTERVALtime span; not supported in Tableau
NUMERIC [ (p, s) ]DECIMAL [ (p, s) ]exact numeric of selectable precision
SMALLINTINT2signed two-byte integer
TEXTvariable-length character string
TIME [ WITHOUT TIME ZONE ]time of day (no time zone)
TIMESTAMP [ WITHOUT TIME ZONE ]date and time (no time zone)
TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONETIMESTAMPTZdate and time, including time zone
GEOGRAPHYa geography object

Links to detailed documentation: