Contributing Code to Tableau Projects

Many Tableau projects accept pull requests (check a given project's README) for bug fixes and for new features.

Submitting a Bug Fix or New Feature

Before a pull request (PR) will be accepted:

For any new features, the project team will have an open discussion (including you) about the design. New features will be accepted based on alignment with the project direction, impact (positive and negative), and serviceability.

Contributor License Agreement (CLA)

Before we accept a PR, you must have signed a CLA. What is a CLA? It's a legal agreement that gives us permission to use the code you submit. You only need to sign the CLA one time.

There are two flavors of the CLA document: one for individuals and another for organizations.

If you sign the agreement electronically, you can send it to us by email📧. (This is our preferred method 💘).

Alternatively, if you prefer to print the agreement, you can send us a signed copy by 📬 or 📠. See the agreement for more information and for our current address and fax number.