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Resource for S3Buckets

exception S3BucketAccessDeniedException

Bases: altimeter.core.exceptions.AltimeterException

An Access Denied error occured.

exception S3BucketDoesNotExistException

Bases: altimeter.core.exceptions.AltimeterException

A bucket does not exist.

class S3BucketResourceSpec


Resource for S3 Buckets

classmethod list_from_aws(client, account_id, region)

Return a dict of dicts of the format:

{‘bucket_1_arn’: {bucket_1_dict},

‘bucket_2_arn’: {bucket_2_dict}, …}

Where the dicts represent results from list_buckets.

Return type


scan_granularity: = 2
schema: Schema = <altimeter.core.graph.schema.Schema object>
type_name: str = 'bucket'
get_s3_bucket_encryption(client, bucket_name)

Returns encryption configuration rules for the bucket.

Return type

Dict[str, List[Dict[str, str]]]

get_s3_bucket_region(client, bucket_name)

Get S3 bucket region

Return type


get_s3_bucket_tags(client, bucket_name)

Get S3 bucket tagging, handle the fact that this call returns an error if a bucket has no tags.

Return type

List[Dict[str, str]]

Module contents

Base class for S3 resources.

class S3ResourceSpec


Base class for S3 resources.

service_name: str = 's3'