Altimeter is a system to scan AWS resources across multiple AWS Organizations and Accounts and link resources together in a graph which can be queried to discover security and compliance issues.

Altimeter outputs RDF files which can be loaded into a triplestore such as AWS Neptune and Blazegraph.

This documentation is divided into 3 parts:

User Documentation - How to use Altimeter to scan your AWS accounts and query relationships.

Developer Documentation - Documentation for developers who are interested in extending Altimeter’s capabilities, specifically graphing additional AWS resource types or additonal fields on existing resource types.

API Documentation - auto-generated API documentation.

User Documentation

Quickstart - Introductory guide to graphing a single AWS account.

Developer Documentation

Developer’s Guide - Start here.

Extending Altimeter - How to extend Altimeter’s capabilities to collect and graph more data.

API Documentation

Altimeter is divided into two packages - aws and core.

The aws package contains AWS-specific access and scanning code for AWS-specific resources.

The core package contains generic graphing code which is used by the aws package but could be used by other graph-generating systems.