Source code for tableauhyperapi.sql

from pathlib import PurePath
from typing import Union

from .name import Name
from .impl.dllutil import invoke_native_string_transform_function
from .impl import hapi

[docs] def escape_name(identifier: Union[str, PurePath]) -> str: """ Quotes and escapes an identifier for use in SQL queries.. :param identifier: the identifier to quote. :return: a properly quoted and escaped string representing the name. Example: .. testsetup:: escape_name from tableauhyperapi import * .. doctest:: escape_name >>> print(escape_name('a table')) "a table" >>> print(f'DROP TABLE {escape_name("a table")}') DROP TABLE "a table" """ return str(Name(identifier))
[docs] def escape_string_literal(literal: str) -> str: """ Quotes and escapes a string literal for use in SQL queries. :param literal: the string to escape. :return: the quoted string, including the quotes. Example: .. testsetup:: escape_string_literal from tableauhyperapi import * .. doctest:: escape_string_literal >>> print(f'SELECT * FROM foo WHERE a = {escape_string_literal("abc")}') SELECT * FROM foo WHERE a = 'abc' """ return invoke_native_string_transform_function(hapi.hyper_quote_sql_literal, literal)