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Using Hyper with Pandas

If you want to use Hyper API together with pandas, the pantab library has you covered. pantab allows you to read and write pandas dataframes from/to Hyper. pantab internally wraps Hyper API and provides convenience functions for integration with pandas on top of it. To install pantab, simply run pip install pantab.

On this page, we provide a couple of usage examples for pantab. For more information on pantab, see the pantab examples and the pantab API reference.

Loading Data through Pandas

Pandas can read data from a plethora of other database systems (PostgreSQL, MS-SQL, Google Big Query, ...) out-of-the-box and can read many common file formats (such as Excel, HTML tables, ...). Through pantab, we can leverage this support to ingest data into a Hyper file, making the data accessible for analysis in Tableau.

E.g., loading data from a PostgreSQL database into a Hyper file needs only a couple of lines:

import pandas as pd
import pantab

animals_df = pd.read_sql('SELECT * FROM animals', 'postgres:///my_db_name')
pantab.frame_to_hyper(animals_df, "animals.hyper", table="animals")

The frame_to_hyper function writes a data frame into the specified Hyper file under a given table name. It internally handles all interactions with Hyper API (spawing a HyperProcess, creating a Connection to it, sending the data from pandas to Hyper, ...).

Of course, we can also ingest data from arbitrary other sources supported by pantab. To read data from an Excel file, we would use:

import pandas as pd
import pantab

animals_df = pd.read_excel('animals.xlsx')
pantab.frame_to_hyper(animals_df, "animals.hyper", table="animals")

Querying Parquet files From Pandas

To kickstart your creativity on potential use cases, let's use Hyper to run an analytical query on a Parquet file - and read the result back to a pandas frame using pantab.

You can send SQL queries to Hyper and get the result as a pandas dataframe using pantab.frame_from_hyper_query. Combined with Hyper's capabilities to query external file formats, you can use this, e.g., to directly run queries on your Parquet files, Iceberg tables or Parquet files. The following example demonstrates this on the Parquet file orders_10rows.parquet which you can download here.

import pandas as pd
import pantab
from tableauhyperapi import HyperProcess, Telemetry, Connection

with HyperProcess(Telemetry.DO_NOT_SEND_USAGE_DATA_TO_TABLEAU) as hyper:
with Connection(hyper.endpoint) as connection:
results_df = pantab.frame_from_hyper_query(connection, """
CAST(SUM(o_totalprice) AS double precision)
FROM external('orders_10rows.parquet')
GROUP BY YEAR(o_orderdate)
# The query result is now in a pandas data frame.
# We have the whole power of the pandas ecosystem at our
# fingertips - and we only print it... how boring...
Missing Numerics Support in pantab

pantab currently does not yet support reading NUMERIC types. The query shown above works around this issue by using a CAST.