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Read Data from Hyper Files

To read data from a .hyper file, open a Connection to the file and then use the SELECT command to retrieve data from the file.

from tableauhyperapi import HyperProcess, Connection, Telemetry, CreateMode, Inserter

with HyperProcess(Telemetry.SEND_USAGE_DATA_TO_TABLEAU) as hyper:
with Connection(hyper.endpoint, 'TrivialExample.hyper', CreateMode.NONE) as connection:
# Read all data from the table.
# But be careful with this! It might be a lot of data and Python
# might not be able to cope with that much data...
my_data = connection.execute_list_query("""
SELECT * FROM "Extract"."Extract"

# Maybe we are only interested in a more specific part of data?
# If so, use the power of SQL to only retrieve the data you are
# actually interested in!
max_in_table = connection.execute_scalar_query("""
SELECT MAX(value) FROM "Extract"."Extract

In general, you can send arbitrarily complex queries against the data in a Hyper file. More information on the available SQL commands can be found in the SQL reference. For more information on how to issue SQL queries from Python (or your preferred language) and how to make programatically craft SQL queries, see the Executing SQL Commands guide.