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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind Hyper?

Hyper and Hyper API are developed by the Hyper team at Salesforce and powers the Tableau analytical experience. Our team has a strong research background because Hyper originally started as a research project, and many of the original founders of Hyper are still with the project.

Hyper started as a research project at Technical University of Munich. Back then, the project was still called "HyPer", the "P" was lower-cased soon after the acquisition in 2016. You can still find find links to all the research paper on HyPer's website. The code base of Hyper is an evolution of the research project HyPer and many of the foundational papers of HyPer are still applicable. For more information on Hyper's journey, see Our Journey

Why does HyperAPI only have 0.0.* versions?

No worries, our 0.0.* versioning scheme does not imply that Hyper is still in a pre-alpha version. In fact, Hyper has been battle-proven at Tableau for many years.

Our versioning scheme comes from the Tableau release numbers, where e.g. 2023.1.2 is the second patch version of the first release in the year 2023. With Hyper API, we are releasing new versions more frequently than the Tableau releases. Since there are no directly corresponding Tableau releases to our Hyper releases, we just decided to use 0.0.* versions for Hyper API.

How can I get help with using Hyper?

If you need help with using Hyper in the context of Tableau products, please use the official Tableau support channels. That way it will be ensured that your support request gets the adequate attention. If you are having problems with Hyper API or Hyper itself, you can furthermore reach us by opening an issue on Github or you can get in touch with us on Hyper's Slack channel.