Execute Python code on the fly and display results in Tableau visualizations:

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TabPy Installation Instructions

These instructions explain how to install and start up TabPy Server.

TabPy Installation



To install TabPy on to an environment pip needs to be installed and updated first:

python -m pip install --upgrade pip

Now TabPy can be install as a package:

pip install tabpy

Starting TabPy

To start TabPy with default settings run the following command:


To run TabPy with custom settings create config file with parameters explained in TabPy Server Configuration Instructions and specify it in command line:

tabpy --config=path/to/my/config/file.conf

It is highly recommended to use Python virtual environment for running TabPy. Check the Running TabPy in Python Virtual Environment page for more details.

Starting a Local TabPy Project

To create a version of TabPy that incorporates locally-made changes, use pip to create a package from your local TabPy project and install it within that directory (preferably a virtual environment):

pip install -e .

Then start TabPy just like it was mentioned earlier